For the last year, we have seen the 70’s surge take over fashion, and its all over in footwear. We have seen Saint Laurent start this trend, and every other brand saturate it with flared heels, glamorized leathers, lots of gold, and of course platforms.

As I started to do my trend research for Spring 16, I can see 80’s and 90’s trends perching out again. One trend that I see evolving is the unforgettable Spice Girl platform sneaker trend that every girl rocked in the early to mid 90’s, including me (yes, embarrassing!). White lace sneaker upper (in PU, I was in college and couldn’t afford leather..ha!) with matching white platform rubber sole that weighed a ton. I loved the height it gave me, and well it was comfortable (but also smelly…that PU!).

Last year, Stella McCartney’s platform shoes with wood paneling was a big hit. Although massive, girls couldn’t get enough it. This year, we are seeing tamer versions of that trend, and looking more like it did in the 90’s.

I really like the idea of taking this trend, and bringing in more feminine designs such as brand No.21 . Why keep it bulky and frumpy?  I do like the gillie version as shown in the image above. I feel there is an opportunity to evolve this into something you can wear to work or to a party without it being so tough looking. Do you feel this a trend you want to re-visit?

**Trend board put together by me.