Last year I did a lot of traveling for work, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Portland . . . it seemed like if you named it, I was there. My travels ranged from inspiration shopping trips, to material shows, tradeshows, product review meetings overseas, not to mention fun and personal shopping trips.

During one of my inspiration trips to Spain last year, I picked up a few pairs of shoes for myself. While living in Spain from 2005-2007, I had discovered some amazing local designers that produced shoes that were different, comfortable, of great quality and well-priced, and over time have built a portion of my shoe collection based on these talented designers. One of the favorite standouts from this group of designers is Chie Mihara. Her designs are feminine, playful, and extremely comfortable. On my last visit to Spain I picked up one of her designs. It was something a little out of my realm of habit, however when I tried them on with my boyfriend jeans, I envisioned them complimenting a variety of looks, particularly some casual flirty looks. Unfortunately, after my return home, while reviewing all my work and personal purchases, I was slightly disappointed. Although the shoes are amazing and I am in love with the upper, I found the heel a little too quirky and vintage for my style of wear, so I thought I needed to revisit them at a later date.

My year ended up so busy that on a recent review of my shoe inventory, I opened a shoe bag and was saddened to see my unworn Mihara’s in the back dark corner, all alone, waiting to be worn. I decided, I’m going to update the heel to my liking and give it to my shoe repair guy who does wonders for all my shoes. Before I meet with him, I decided to make the process more fun and try something different. I sketched out some ideas with a few different options and decided to ask for feedback from my readers. ”A vote on design” approach from my readers!

So I would ask you, my loyal friends, readers and shoe lovers alike, after reviewing the sketches below, what would you do??? Should I straighten the heel out in the back but keep the same look or maybe widen it to a demi wedge. I will be taking votes and the most votes, will determine the redesigned heel.  Check out the sketches and I would love your input in the comments section below. In two weeks I will announce the outcome and we can have some fun with it.

The original shoe:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5: