Recently, a friend shared with me her daughter designed a shoe for a class project. I was so curious to see what an eight year old designed, I asked her to email me a picture.

I received this cute little boot with googly eyes. I had to share, with you, this fantastic drawing from a very creative and imaginative eight year old.

I also did an interview with Remy. Read what Remy had to say about her inspiration!

1. What grade are you in?  I am in second.

2. Was this a school project and if so what was this for?  The 100th day of school.  We had to make a monster with 100 googlie eyes.

3. What was your inspiration for a shoe monster?  Ms. Christy’s monster that had a foot that looked like a shoe.  That’s how I got inspired.

4. What’s your favorite shoe? Can you describe it?  My favorite shoe that I own is my new sneakers.  They are grey, green, and turquoise.

5. What do you want to be when u grow up (if you know) An artist.

6. Would you wear this shoe? Yes.

I was very inspired by Remy’s design that I created my own version of the googly eye boot. Remy mentioned she loved her sneakers . I also liked the idea of incorporating the googly eyes onto my sneaker designer, based on her original drawing.

Additionally, I am inspired by all things girly and loved the idea of using one of Remy’s shoe colors in her new shoe which is grey, and mixing it with different pinks and black. Parents love easy accessibility and so I made this high top sneaker with a double velcro but also added an elastic across the vamp. The bow is just decorative, but I liked the idea of adding it to contrast the spooky googly eyes!

Hope your as inspired by this incredible eight year old…Thanks Remy! Please continue on your creative path!