Earlier this week, I posted The makings of a shoe holiday card where I showed you my inspiration for the 2011 holiday card. I envisioned taking ornament ideas and incorporating them into shoes with the idea that they too can be hung on a Christmas tree.

I promised to show you the actual card and voila, here you go!

The first image here is the actual artwork put together in photoshop.

As you can see, I added some glitter to a few of the ornaments.

I also added a few different ornaments that you did not see in the inspiration sketches. I realized its a must to add a round shiny bulb, so that was a last minute addition. It’s amazing how you can get inspired anytime and anywhere. I was driving thru Beverly Hills and peeked at the Ralph Lauren windows. I saw a beautiful tartan plaid window and thought, wow, a tartan plaid ballet could be an amazing addition to the card! Of course, I had to add a garland/tinsel strap.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Let it shoe, Let it shoe, Let it shoe!