I started this blog in Spring 2009, a year or so after my return from living in Barcelona, Spain. Residing in Spain was an incredible experience. It not only was the start of me pursuing an international freelance design career, but it was the catalyst that unleashed my creative voice. Perhaps it was the beauty of the city, the tapas, amazing wine, or the Spaniards socializing into the wee hours of the night that gave me the license to live and create. For whatever reason, I ascertained myself as a designer.

Upon my return to Los Angeles, I came back with a blank palate, and a taste for my hometown that I couldn’t wait to discover, hence, the name LA Shoegirl for my blog and company. How did I come up with this name? Well, lets see, while living in Barcelona, my clients would refer to me as the “Barcelona Girl.” I found it to be quite charming. When I decided to start my blog, I thought the right name would be LA Shoegirl because I truly am an Angeleno.

LA Shoegirl is a platform to share what inspires me as a freelance footwear designer. You will find explorative sketches, whether from a project I am actually working on or a creative idea I put pencil to paper, design processes, my travel from around the globe, and images of what inspires me.

It’s been a wonderful creative outlet having this blog, and I love keeping my posts as close as to my work and creative processes, like a personal sketchbook. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do creating it. Cheers!