This week is National Picture Book Week and I decided I would continue to explore a story I wrote a few months ago about an adopted dog and his human dad. This is based on a true story. Originally the story was about their relationship but  I decided I didn’t want the story to just be about the dog and what he thinks about his dad but also about his adoption process which would be fictional because I don’t know the details.  I  realized that I have never been to an adopting facility so how could I even write about the adoption process. So, I went to the Humane Society in West Los Angeles.

This was the saddest 10 minutes of my life. I could not even stand being there for longer. It’s amazing that these animals are in cages just waiting for there day to come to either be adopted or die. Of course they don’t know that ( I hope) .

The point of me writing is to urge people to not go out and buy a dog. Consider saving a life and bringing happiness to an animal who just wants time to spend with a being who loves them.   I know I had my heart set on buying a malti poo but after today, I just want a dog that I could make happy. Here is a site that I saw on line called I really like how their website is helpful and even if your looking for a specific breed, you can possibly find a shelter that will have what your looking for. I hope I have somehow inspired others to adopt a pet if and when your ready.