My trip to Maui was above and beyond what I envisioned. Previous trips to Hawaii seemed to be a little slow for me, and after a few days I was feeling like it was time for me to come home. However, this time around Hawaii was definitely inspiring, fun, and eventful.

I went to Hawaii for an inspiration trip on a fun project I am working on. My objective was to be inspired by Hawaiian culture, to see and feel what Hawaii is about {besides it’s relax lifestyle}, and get a feel for Hawaii’s fashion scene. I also decided to give myself some time to not think about shoes (which is outrageously hard) and relax by the pool and do what Hawaiian’s do best, relax, chill, and enjoy the waves at all times!

You can see more pictures from my trip on my Facebook Page.

I love the contrast of hard ( the rocks) and soft ( flowers). I think this concept would be great on an outsole. I like the idea of translating the rocks and adding flowers & plants to give it a tough but feminine look.