It’s great when you work on a project, and the shoes actually get realized. Last year, I had the opportunity to work with Shoes of Prey. If you haven’t heard of them, you may want to click on the link because they have an amazing concept where you get to customize your own shoes.

Here is how it works: You pick a shoe you like, choose a heel height, and then select from an array of materials. You can even personalize the shoe on the insole for an extra $49. Another great feature, you get the shoes within two weeks! It may seem like a while, but in the shoe business that’s pretty quick especially when they are coming in from China. Oh, and I forgot to mention the shoes are very comfortable!

The two shoes above, the scalloped slide, and scalloped double strap, are the two shoes that made the cut. I’ll be uploading my process on my website shortly. Even though I designed these shoes, I still got to customize the materials. I’ll be posting them on my instagram. Stay tuned!