In 2009 I was approached by Aneta Genova, an accomplished accessories designer, writer, and fashion instructor at Parsons, to submit sketches and illustrations for an accessory design book she was working on. I was very honored and excited, and looked forward to my sketches hopefully making the final cut.  With the passage of time I had wondered, lost touch with Aneta and forgotten.

 Recently, I received an email from Aneta letting me know that her book “Accessory Design has finally been published and yes, my sketches were in her book! I was ecstatic and could not wait to receive the book to see the final product. I am enclosing some pictures of the book and sharing some of my works you might find interesting.  If you’re interested in learning about accessory design, illustration techniques and reading about different styles and processes from start to finish, I would definitely consider buying Aneta’s book. It’s a beautifully done book for the believers!

Love the cover!

While living in Spain, I was working on my portfolio and looking for some inspiration. A friend of mine came by with a few books and one that caught my eye was of a female photographer that chronicled personal photos of her escapades. I was so inspired by the fact that the pics were taken by a digital camera and that they were beautifully done. In almost every photo of her, she had her hair in a braid, and I thought about finding different ways to utilize braids in my shoe designs. So here are the sketches I came up with.

More braid inspirations. When I sketch, I try to explore different possibilities. For example; in the above gray shoe, you will observe the braided heel but immediately to the right of it, you will see no heel braid but with a similar upper. I like to view and examine different options.

At the time, I had cut my hair short and always wore blazers and jeans. I thought it would be cool to draw a girl inspired by the things I liked at the time; ripped jeans, blazers, and booties. These booties were inspired by a sofa. You can see the thought process here.