Several weeks ago I posted some concepts on the blog here  inspired  from a beautiful lace dress I bought at Shareen Vintage. Before I started to sketch, I put together a color board for direction. I pulled images  that inspired me, and saw a pattern of perhaps what I was feeling that day.  Enchanting| Quixotic | Esoteric | Demure | Flirtatious. The colors turned out to be an array of purples, a rich fuchsia, and a deep charcoal that almost looks black.

I called this palette Heliotrope Dreams because of its purple offspring and the dreamy feel from the images. I wrote a little blurb for the board: A landscape of marvel beauty. An existence of richness, femininity, and intensity. I think it fits perfectly… 

Here are actual TPX Pantone colors for the palette:

Honeysuckle 18-2120TPX, Plum Purple 19-3218 TPX, Paisley Purple 17-3730 TPX, Thistle 14-3907TPX, Sparkling Grape 19-3336 TPX, Nine Iron 19-3908TPX