I love the cut-out trend I am seeing in apparel. I even saw it on a few gowns in this seasons Project Runway and was inspired to draw some booties with a few cut-outs. There is nothing more sexy or fun than showing a little skin or wearing a pair of printed Wolford tights that peek out thru the boot. Check out my process.

I was inspired by the different cut- outs; slashed, peek-a-boo, and asymmetrical. There are so many possibilties!

I explored a few options from my trend board. I sketched a tie around the shaft, mini studs, and heavy slash cut outs. I saw some beautiful materials at the Los Angeles Textile show. These are from United Leather. I always add the materials to my sketch book to remind me of what I am coveting.

I love heels but I want to be able to wear them comfortably. I decided to add a heavy wrapped platform with a rubber outsole. A little work sexy boot feel. The cut-out on the vamp is most definitely asymmetrical. The leopard tights are a nice touch!