Over the last few weeks, I have been spending my extra time looking at the different fashion weeks going on around the globe. It’s great to spot upcoming trends, get a feel for what’s coming up in the new season, and in the future.

One trend I noticed is what I call, “Double Identity.” Brands such as Lanvin and Givenchy, have created beautiful masterpieces with two different design ideas on the right and left side.

I really liked this idea for footwear. I have seen this type of idea in kids shoes where the left and right shoe have a different design idea, color, or treatments.  I sketched a few ideas based on the Double Identity concept. My inspiration mainly came from Lanvin runway, where the collection has more sharp lines, and neutral colors. Today, I happen to see Givenchy’s runway show, and saw a similar design idea.  Take a look….

Oh yes, and I used the the heel ideas I showed you in last weeks post. You can see the process here. Cheers!

This is Givenchy’s collection shown today with similar ideation. I thought Givenchy’s double identity idea had a softer, romantic feel with a pop of color throughout the collection.

Photo Source: Style.com