A few months ago, while at a client design presentation, I noticed that a lot of the shoe sketches on the boards had dual closures. Granted this isn’t a new trend, but I couldn’t help but ask myself,  “Why do we have buckles (or laces) and zippers in one shoe?” Have women become lazy (or maybe too busy to be bothered) , that we can’t buckle a few straps? Or is this something that designers have created?  Maybe it’s a way to hide a bad last, and you want to cover your asses (I mean bases)?

After that meeting, and telling the VP of design that I didn’t think we needed so many closure options in one shoe (he said let’s leave it),  I started to notice many brands (especially mid to low tier) are on the dual closure bandwagon.

One brand I really admire for keeping things authentic is Ancient Greek Sandals. I noticed their very detailed, but cool gladiator sandals did not have any zippers. I made a comment on their instagram about that and their response, ” No zippers in the relic days! ” Yes, they are friggin right!! We have become spoiled and lazy!

What do you feel about zippers and buckles/laces in one shoe? Must we have both ? (unless it’s of course technically necessary. ) Is their a need for multiple options? Does it look messy to have both?  Or are you indifferent?

Here are some of my favorite designers who keep it simple and to the point!



Photo Source: 1/2/3