This summer a shopping trip was in order. It was time to leave L.A., and get some new inspiration! I decided it was time to head over to Europe! This time around, my trip consisted of Stockholm, Biarritz/Hossegor, and Barcelona. This first blog installation will be about Barcelona women’s trends and shopping.

Overall, I would have to say it was great to travel, and see what’s happening in different parts of the world. I was a little disappointed with what was happening design wise. I found it to be not as exciting compared to other times I have traveled to Europe, especially  Spain. I found Spain to always have colorful, fun, and unique products. There were quite a few, emerging designers, and/or existing designers tapping into new categories. However, perhaps because Spain is having economic problems, it’s forcing people to start their own companies. Additionally, many stores, I loved, had closed, but some new ones did open. Most importantly, the constant theme in Barcelona  was all about ‘getting a deal.’  Stores were double, triple discounting during sales, and there were more stores that carried cheap, disposable clothing and footwear for about  $10. Girls were looking for design and price. Having said that, there were still some cool things to see, new shops that opened,  a whole new direction in fashion, and retail business. It seemed to be a whole mish mosh of everything when it came to design in Spain!

Here are some pictures I took while I was shopping. Some reflect trends, brands that were hot, and great details that caught my eye!

Earthy type footwear was the most present look in Barcelona. Barcelonians do lots of walking, and looking for a comfortable, lasting shoe is key. This brand El Naturalista was seen everywhere. Along with brands like Clarks, Kickers, Camper, and lots of small brands who are producing comfort driven footwear.

Beatriz Furest is one of my favorite Barcelona designers. She creates the most beautiful handbags. She utilizes soft, beautiful leathers, and mixes modern with more classic materials in her designs. I also love how she lines the inside of her bags with a great print every season. She recently started working on shoes. I found this one style to be rather simple, but I love the pop of color, and small details that make it fun!

I discovered this brand while roaming my favorite “barrio” called Borne. Their playful, artisan designs, and great price point cannot be overlooked.  Their adorable shop carries both men’s and women’s styles. Maians & Tom’s appeared to be the brands that dominated Barcelona street style, as well as many retailers.

Stay tuned next for Kids trends and retail shopping pics!  Have an inspiring day!!