When I was in design school, I was not consistent at sketching in my sketchbook. My illustration instructor always encouraged students to draw in sketchbooks and work out ideas.  It took me years to really discipline myself, and get the importance of it. Exploration is key, and working out your ideas, until you feel good about your final design is very important. That is my personal motto, and something I always think about when working with my clients.

Here is some exploration I did for a Spring 15 project.


This is an image straight from my sketchbook. I always add  inspiration to my sketchbook. It’s nice to have it all together. Whether your at a restaurant waiting for a friend, or sitting at a doctors office waiting for your appointment, it’s there, and you can sketch out a few ideas. Here, I was inspired by the curved shapes from the bag, and wall art . I also explored the lines on the chair as well as the jeweled object. Those are not shown here.


Just a few thumbnail sketches. If I showed you my sketchbook you would think I’m nuts. It’s a must for me to explore as many possibilities. I like to look back, every few days, and see where I’ve gone, and could go.


There were a few directions I went for this collection. Here is one. For color, I’ve been obsessed with french grey these days. I also love the idea of doing snake skin leather that has a strong hand. Right now, I’m into textures that have a three dimensional feel.  Stamped leathers are a little boring to me. If you can feel and see the texture ( from a distance) then it’s extra special. With women, today, spending money on quality rather than quantity. Why not use special leathers? I also did a full illustration of this shoe here.