Philanthropy has always been an interest of mine. Since I was 14 years old, I remember going to senior homes to play board games with senior citizens. It always touched and inspired me to make someone smile. Three to five hours of my time was so well worth that smile. Today, during my work day, I took some time to attend a Free Arts event. Free arts is an organization that provides art events for children who are at risk. For several hours, we go to a facility or a courthouse and hang out with the kids, paint, draw, or whatever the program is for that event. It was quite an experience. I learned so much about these children and can see their pain or fears due to their circumstances.  It’s great to feel their hope.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am working on a children’s book and this experience has definitely brought upon some new inspiration for my book.  I am also planning on a mentorship with Free Arts kids doing shoe inspired projects.  I would like to get the Footwear Community involved or anybody who is interested in possibly doing a fundraiser at a loft or gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. I am enclosing a link of their website and perhaps your inclined to work an event (their is a training) or do a fundraiser (no training). However, I think it’s great to experience a Free Arts event. Anything you do is something and making a difference is all that matters.