You may know from my previous posts that I have a strong passion for designing kids shoes. My shoe design career started in kids  footwear and it’s just an absolute blast for me to sit down and work out the different possibilities. It’s not as easy as it looks.  I actually find it quite challenging and fun at the same time!

With my consistent shopping, trend research, strong sense to identify and establish trends, I put some sketches together of kids concepts I see relevant in the future. Take a look.

Ankle booties are hot for women’s shoes and I definitely don’t see this trend going away. I love the idea of a modern western style bootie for kids. It has a more rounded toe, but the elements of a western shoe are present. Flowers are a must for girls. I thought it would be cool to do a quilted flower design and add mini flat head studs to give the quilting a more pronounced look. Love this in a suede and/or nubuck.

I fell in love with Miu Miu’s glitter and suede combinations this fall. We have seen the all over glitter explosion for kids in ballets and boots. I think it’s a nice touch to add some glitz but keep it minimal by combining a rich material like suede or nubuck.  I also like the idea of doing a crepe outsole with a zip up bootie. A nice update to the desert boots we have been seeing the past few seasons.

Moccasins are so comfy and playful. Although, I love the fringe, I think it’s great to work on other details to give the same moccasin feeling. Here, I utilized some heavy baseball stitching. I liked the idea of using some hardware subtly but also adding some fun with the feathers. I think the feathers give it a fresh touch!

For the past several seasons, we have seen low profile everywhere. However, I see heavier bottoms inching it’s way back up. Utilitarian looks are always great mixed with feminine details. Girls love fur! So, why not add it where it’s noticeable! Flowers, again, are important but, I wanted the not so obvious flower placement with raw edge, round flowers, and heavy contrast stitching.  Maybe a fun knit lining here would give it more pizazz!!!

What trends do you see hitting strong in the future??