Another year has come and gone! I wouldn’t say I’ll miss 2014. It was a year of challenges, and lots of growth for me. I think I got more lessons than most can handle. At times, it felt unbearable, but I’m stronger, wiser, and older from!

What did I learn? Trust my instincts and myself more! And believe in everything I do!

I’ve already reaped benefits the last month from the lessons I needed to learn this year.

New projects have come to the horizon, lots of travel, new friendships, and of course family uniting is always wonderful!

I’m looking forward to sharing journey in 2015. What you will see that’s new?? Expect to see lots more fashion illustrations, a shop on my blog for art, greeting cards, and much more, accessory design concepts, and processes, my travel diary, and of course, lots of shoe trends, and inspiration!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and sharing your comments!

Have a very Happy New Year!

Drawing by me.