A few months ago, I had the opportunity to be part of a panel of shoe experts to discuss the relationship between women, and comfort shoes, with a writer from This is a topic I’m very familiar with, because I’ve worked with comfort shoe brands, and/or ocean lifestyle brands that cater to women who are looking for comfort and fashion.

Women, ideally, would like to find a shoe that is comfortable and fashionable. She would like to feel confident in a shoe that is good looking, and gives her the ease of running around in her busy life. It doesn’t mean she won’t buy that uncomfortable heel. She will, because she needs it or wants it. Unfortunately, not very many comfort brands are offering the fashion shoe she is looking for. And if they do, I’ve found it to be slightly off. Whether its the last, materials, heel shape, and/or the lack of trend. It’s rare to find that perfect blend.

I believe comfort hasn’t worked because the word comfort has a stigma that a modern woman may not want to be associated with. Comfort, in the past, has implied old, frumpy, and not fashionable. Today’s woman is savvy and is looking for function, fashion, technology, and positive social causes in her purchases  It’s time for a brand to develop their own version of comfort, and perhaps not even call it comfort, and focus on how to make products that provide easy living for the modern woman with busy lifestyles.

My blurb in the article is small compared to what we discussed, but take a look at a new brand launching with many comfort elements. You can read the full article here.