I love shoes that have skyrocket heels that make you feel powerful and sexy. They are like art pieces. However, wearing these types of shoes on a daily basis is not my reality. I enjoy being comfortable more than in pain! My shoe preference is ballet flats or some type of flat {or small heel} that will provide me comfort and quick mobility. I need to be able to run up and down the factories or my client’s office quickly. Yes, I need to move fast and six-inch stilettos don’t cut it.

 This week I spent a lot of time researching and sketching and was very inspired to dabble and draw some kitten heels. I have always liked kitten heels but found them to sometimes be frumpy or a little too dainty. I wanted something a little more edgy, stylish, and modern.  I put together a trend board because so many nuances inspired me.

 First, I recently purchased a gorgeous little vintage dress from Shareen Vintage. It’s very Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with a basic silhouette but a gorgeous little feather like fur around the edge of the skirt { see picture of dress below}. With all of the fur trend rage this fall, I knew I wanted to include fur in my sketches. Second, I saw a very cool Kurt Geiger pump in British Vogue, which had a nail like heel. I thought that would be so much easier to walk on if it were a kitten heel.  Lastly, I knew these sketches had to be modern, and edgy.

 I put some sketches together and voila, the following is what I came up with!!!

Inspiration Board

I definitely wanted to include the fur element in all the sketches, but placing the fur in unpredictable places was key. Usually kitten heels are plain and lady like. In putting together my designs I kept the following elements in mind:

  •   The first sketch above came about with the idea of uneven overlays. I think it gives it more depth and edge. The fur placed on the heel counter, a velvet tie, or even a leather tie adds to the feminine feel.
  •   I do like t-straps but am always afraid to look too little girl like. My vision was to create a t-strap that was strong but playful. Since I wanted to continue with the fur detailing, I thought it would be interesting to have the front part be fur, and keep the back part a smooth leather for a sharp feel.
  •  For the t-strap, mixing in a heavy pyramid matte color jewel on the strap also adds some charm. A studded buckle was also a nice touch I thought.
  •   I also really enjoy the tiny nail post on the heel.  The geometric piece holding the nail post adds a cool flavor. I gave that piece an asymmetrical shape, which is different than the Kurt Geiger. I like slanting it to give it more fluidity.
  •   There are a few options for the kitten heel finish:  matte, wrapped leather, or painted wood. There are many possibilities that can be explored with such a heel. Oh yeah, and of course, the nail post…yes, a traditional nickel but what about in gold…I really like that idea.

I never really liked patchwork. Perhaps it’s a little too Boho for me. However, for the above sketch, I do like the idea of patching the fur and adding zipper teeth to the patchwork shapes. I like this combo in Suede as well!

Women have always favored a low vamp or revealing toe cleavage. I really love the current choked up vamp trend. I see this trend happening more in Designer brands. A shoe in British Vogue that had a two-tone upper design inspired me to do a similar silhouette in a low heel. I thought keeping the upper tonal, with an addition of a fur and suede combo, could be a forward and modern look.

Again I moved away from the low vamp and designed a choked up vamp.   The idea behind this design was to do a tonal wide stripe in suede and fur. I wanted to add some glitz so I opted for some heavy glitter on the heel counter overlay. As an example I love all the glitter shoes Miu Miu is currently putting out!


I Love, Love, Love… Dorsay’s. Fit always seems to be an issue so I thought how about adding an elastic strap to keep it from slipping. I also wanted a very low vamp.

Had to find a way to tie in the fur . . . .

I hope you’re as inspired?