Working as a designer does not necessarily mean just shopping, looking at magazines, traveling the world, or sketching. A designer job entails going to factories, reviewing your designs, working with pattern makers, technicians overseas, and also sourcing for new factories, material resources, trims, and ornaments.

This last trip we went to an ornament factory which I found to be quite interesting . I learned a lot about the process of how buckles, studs, and rhinestones are made. This factory was small,  not as many workers because a lot of the work is done by machine, and surprisingly enough it was quite clean. It wasn’t your typical shoe factory. Here are some pics I took with my iphone showing where and how ornaments are made.

A liquid is placed into a template of the design, once it is placed into the unit (behind him) he takes the the buckles out.

He is now cleaning the template out for the new batch. Part of the dried liquid is recyclable which made me happy.

All of the templates are placed here and this factory worker goes thru each template, separates them from the template, , and preps it for the next line.

The buckles are placed in the containers in the back for cleaning. They are cleaned with water.

Again, they are individually inspected and cleaned.

More detailing for perfection!!!!

Here is the sample room with all of ornaments in their collection.