Kids shoes are always so much fun and cute to say the least. However, European kids shoe designs are taken to a whole different level! Not only are they adorable, but creative, playful, fun, quirky, unique to kids, and well made! Skimping on materials, construction, is not something you see often. European parents are willing to pay a high price to keep their kids looking fashionable and comfortable.

My overall observation of the children’s shoe market in Europe:

1. Design is strong, but selling  at a high price is more challenging due to economic crisis.

2. Toms shoes presence is stronger in Europe than Crocs. Crocs has lost significant share , but you still see children wearing Crocs or Croc knock offs. There are also other brands doing similar designs as Tom’s.

3. A  less expensive shoe trend has emerged (scroll down for picture). It’s actually a design we have seen but it has a stronger presence all over Europe. ( I also did a sketch with  a more fashion touch.)

4.  Certain designers have less presence than before i.e. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, and Pom d’api, Ben Simon to name a few.

5. Brands like Kickers, Camper, Naturino, and Toms are stronger than ever and are covering more categories.

6. Less take downs and more original designs specific to kids.  Kids are not looking like mini mom and dad compared to the states.

7. Girls’ shoe treatments are mainly flowers and foilage. Designs have become simple and clean with unique details. Upper patterns are unique but not trying too hard.

8. Boys shoes seemed a little boring and dated. The stand out brand is Kickers. Boys are strongly wearing Chuck Taylors, Vans, double velcro simple sneakers, moccasins, and since it was summer, lots of sporty, water resistant double velcro sandals. More emphasis on stitching, materials, and colors.

Here are some pics I took in Stockholm and Barcelona. Cheers!


Crocs are definitely still present and popular for kids.  I don’t think this shoe is by Crocs, but it’s quite lovely and pretty.

Flowers are still the rage for girls. However, flowers have more of a leaf shape and influence.

More trends I saw while in Europe.

Moccasins are hot for boys and girls right now. For summer, I did notice more boys wearing moccasins.

Sandals for boys were basic silhouettes but with lots of details, material combinations, colors.

I really like this pattern by Kickers. Although, it was not a kids shoe, I thought this design had some great elements that could be incorporated into a kids shoe design.

Sneakers still dominate for boys all year round. Brands like Addidas, Munich, Replay, and Vans dominated the streets of Europe.

This kids Spanish brand Bobo Chose is just too cute. A kids store in Barcelona called IVO & Co. (which is a definite must see) represented most of the collection which I find to be playful and adorable!

I really loved this traditional sandal silhouette you see European kids wearing in the summer. I believe it’s strong presence is because it’s not so expensive, and it’s a design both girls and boys can wear.

I thought it would be fun to draw up some girls designs inspired by this design. I wanted to add a more fashionable touch!

Hope you enjoyed my European kids report! Cheers!

** All pics taken by me. Some pics are tear outs from Vogue Spain for Kids.