Last week I blogged for FIDM about the difference between a kids shoe designer and a women’s shoe designer. Although there are not many differences, there are some. I thought if there were any aspiring footwear designers who are researching different job options, this blog post could be helpful.

What I learned from being a kids shoe designer? It’s fun, creative, and there is a ton of potential. I found there seems to be a stigma about being a kids shoe designer.  I also wrote a post about it here. Kids shoe design is not the most highly coveted position.  It doesn’t have as much cachet as women’s footwear design.  Thirteen years ago, when I became a shoe designer, I was very self conscious being a kids shoe designer. I  went thru great lengths to expand my portfolio and diverse my experience.  I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter , and I was just feeling insecure and wanted to fit in with the other designers.  Kids footwear design is just as creative as being a women’s or men’s designer. I am very glad that I have experience in both. Also, there is a need for talented kids shoe designers. So, follow your passions, dreams, and do what makes you happy !

You can read the post here.