I’m sitting in the lounge having breakfast at the W Hotel in Hong Kong. As I watch the city adoringly, I reach into my bag to pull out the shopping list I created before coming on this trip. However, I realize with everything I had to do before my long trip to Asia, I forgot the tear sheets on my desk!!! My research files are not with me!

Like many of you with busy schedules, I’ve faced this situation countless times . Back home, every time I hear of a new shop, or come across a magazine write up, I make a note and file it. My directory of shops is exploding in my file cabinet. I needed to find a new and more efficient way…

Recently, I discovered  an option to my research  and shopping woes ….her name is Snapette. This new app will make shoe shopping a dream. Let’s face it, as a designer, a product person, or even a CEO of a shoe company; we’re always on the hunt for inspiration, emerging brands, new trends, what’s hot and what’s next in the marketplace.  Snapette can give you access to all that and more on your smart phones!

This fashion app lets users find and share their favorite shoes and bags in stores, locally, and around the world. You can search the app for what’s “near”, “new”, or “hot”, and then get a map of the store carrying the item, or better yet, see it in person.

Snapette works great when I’m traveling and want to find new stores and shopping areas. How many times do you go to London, head to Oxford Street or Covent Garden in hopes of finding something new and exciting?  With Snapette, you can search for shops wherever you are around the globe. Press “Near” and voila, a list of shoes, accessories, and shops near you appears instantly. Even better, press on the picture and it gives you an actual map of the store location.

Some of the many reasons why I like my new shopping accessory . . . . It’s a collaborative app representing people that love fashion rather than an advertisement by a shoe company. You, can also play a part in setting the trend by creating your own profile, snapping photos of your favorites, and by sharing it with others, you’re helping build the directory. You can instantly see what other Shoe Vivants are coveting and it’s a great way to see what trends are holding strong around the globe. What I enjoy the most, is my ability to check out new designers and shoes that you normally don’t get to see online or at commercial shops. Basically, it’s a fashion directory akin to Yelp, but on your phone.

Snapette’s new app is growing everyday with new features and collaborations.  Give it a spin and check out their website  . . . and the best part of it all, it’s a free download on ITunes.

Happy Snapping!