A few months ago, I attended the L.A. Textile Show and had the pleasure of meeting talented, surface designer Aaryn Nutter. I knew this girl, with cute style and flair, had a special talent when I walked into her booth, because I could not keep focused when she spoke to me. I was enamored with her prints and thought, “ I really want to design a shoe with one of her prints!”

I am working on SP 13 sketches and will be using one of her beautiful eclectic floral prints on a sandal. I will be posting a sketch soon, so stay tuned! For now, I wanted to give you a swatch from Aaryn’s collection that I love! Read below and get to know Aaryn and see what her favorite shoes are too!

Tell me about your company: Aaryn West is a Los Angeles based design studio specializing in creating original prints a variety of surfaces within fashion, interior and product design. We are constantly developing new artwork to show clients at trade shows and private appointments, and we also offer bespoke services for clients looking to custom develop something more specific.

What inspires you?: My artwork is inspired by both historical and contemporary trends. Textile and ceramic designs date back to our earliest civilizations, and over time each culture has developed such a rich, distinct style.. and I’ve always been a huge fan of indigenous designs from all over the world, as well as what we would call ‘vintage’ from the last century. But I’m also really inspired by digital media, and all of the potential that digital printing has to offer. When you combine those two worlds you end up with something truly unique, but still relevant.

 Who are some of your favorite designers?: This is a tough question because there are so many!  I should say I can be a fair-weather follower, depending on a designer’s use of graphics.. Prints are huge in fashion right now, so there is no shortage of favorites.. including Etro, Mara Hoffman, Erdem and Jonathan Saunders to name a few.. .but if they decide to change to minimalism tomorrow, I can say my answer will also likely change… I’m crossing my fingers that doesn’t happen.

Why a surface designer and not a fashion designer, graphics designer, etc?: I’ve never been interested in fashion per se, I’ve always been more of a jeans-and-tee kind of girl. I actually went to college for graphic design, and only got involved in fashion after graduating, when one of my best friends suggested I check the fashion trade publications for job listings. After a few years of designing tee shirt graphics, I discovered that textiles and all-over prints were my true passion. There were plenty of manufacturers here in Los Angeles whom I could work for, but I couldn’t seem to find any independent print studios. That’s why, in 2010, I decided to start my own. And now that I’m doing prints full-time, I see the endless potential for applications! From crib sheets to runway fashion, prints are literally everywhere these days… with new surfaces popping up every year, like laptop skins, and wall decals. It’s definitely a good time to be a surface designer.

What’s your dream shoe that you want in your closet right now? I’d say these (see above too) would be the pair I would add to my closet if  I could right now…  it’s funny because my company’s tag line starts with “we dream of tie-dye sneakers”, so when I found these I nearly flipped out. I could send you a zillion pairs of crazy heels that I love, but I’m much more likely to wear these  platforms.