One of my favorite outings is vintage shopping. Granted, I am no Rachel Zoe, where I can drop two grand on a vintage piece, but I find pieces that are in my price range around the globe. One of my favorite vintage spots in Los Angeles is Shareen Vintage. I have talked about her shop numerous times in my blog, like here  and here, and even mentioned it in a Blogger Spotlight on here. Last year, I bought an amazing vintage dress that you see above at the top, left side, in black, and was inspired by its net/mesh/lace inspired detail with flowers. It’s a very sexy detail and I  fell in love with the idea of putting that detail on a shoe. My thought process, for the shoe, was to not have it be a netting type of material as the dress, but leather with leather flower overlays like the glove. Additionally, I was inspired by the arm of the sofa. I love how it comes out a little and incorporated that into a heel concept.

Several months ago, I did a lace inspired collection for my lookbook, and here is part one.



I’m obsessed with wearing heels but I do like having cute ballet flats that I can run around town. Since, ballet flats tend to be boring, I push myself to come up with fun, interesting ballet flat concepts.



I also though this material merited a pump that had a vintage, feminine feel. You can also add a cute maryjane strap across the vamp.

Stay tuned next week for part two of my lace inspired shoe sketch series!