Looking at men’s fashion has always been my little secret obsession. There is nothing more sexy than seeing a fashionable man. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to Men’s Fashion.

Having said that, I recently tweeted and pinned a few men’s shoes that caught my eye as seen on one of my favorite blogs, An Unknown Quantity . Men’s shoes can sometimes be a little simple, and redundant, so it was nice to see some great details on footwear. I was inspired by these two pics and sketched a few women’s shoes inspired by the combat boot feel, lug sole, and the camo rubber outsole. Here is my female take on these men’s shoes…

Women's Combat Boot Inspiration

My inspiration.

I really like the idea of incorporating the camo rubber on the forefront of the outsole . I do love lace up boots, and wanted to capture wider laces and hardware for a more dramatic look.


In the above men’s shot, you will see the Rick Owen’s boot has one big flap that is loose. I took that idea but made it two pieces for a more feminine look. I added gore for a slip on closure. I also thought it would be cool to have the tongue not go all the way up , but stop at the center.

Continued to play with this idea, as above. I really do like a more pointed last shape for a combat style boot!

I thought a more tailored upper on a lug rubber outsole and heel would be interesting. I love the play of feminine and rugged.

Women's Combat Boot- 10

Have you seen the Belstaff ads? So stylish and mountainous! I love loose straps hanging on a jacket (as seen on the ad)  or even laces that are untied on a shoe. I wanted to incorporate that idea into my boot sketches. You could potentially add the buckles but I thought the clanking could get a bit annoying, so I did without them. The straps don’t have to be stitched down, and could be a soft leather so they naturally droop down rather than just stick out straight.

This boot incorporates all of the above.: straps, bold eye stay,  heavy stitching,  and camo rubber outsole. Although, I added a demi wedge heel instead,which I do like. By the way, don’t use velum paper to marker. It’s too slippery, and doesn’t come out as dark and sharp as marker paper!


Photo Source : An Unknown Quantity. All sketches done by me.