It’s been a long development stage for my website, but it’s finally come to fruition.  I have to say that I am very pleased with it’s outcome. I hope that my web designer Adrian Miller feels the same way:)  I know it’s been somewhat of a team effort and sometimes not easy for both of us but overall I am happy with the result.

The purpose of this site is to not only display my latest works but also to show my  new case study projects that I am regularly working on. These projects are more explorative but also portrays me as a designer/creative. I like to think this is the fun page with sketches, marker renderings, and much more!!  I will do my best to add to this section regularly.

I decided to add a blog to my website because there are so many things I see, go to, travel abroad to, that I would like to share. It’s not just fashion, furniture, or shoes but perhaps a person on the street, a photograph, trends, or life in Los Angeles. It’s not defined yet how this blog will evolve, but stay tuned!

Thanks for coming by and look forward to sharing.