As some of you may know, I have ventured into writing, specifically in children’s books. I have had numerous ideas in the last few months ranging from Chapter books to Picture books to YA novels. The ideas are flourishing.  It is exciting but a bit overwhelming. However, isn’t it better to have tons of ideas?

This week I got an email from my teacher,Paula Yoo, at UCLA about a National Picture Book Writing Week that she is sponsoring. The purpose is to write 7 picture books in one week. So, the over achiever that I am and I like to stress myself more than I am already, I have decided to participate. I know..I know…another addition to my many little side projects. However, I am quite excited.  I have been brainstorming with my sister who is an awesome writer, and I am looking forward to this week.

I have a children’s shoe project due in the next few weeks so it’s also inspiring for my design work.

If you have some great children’s book ideas and want to participate, check out Paula Yoo’s website at She is an amazing teacher with a fun personality. She will be teaching this summer at UCLA and I highly recommend her.

Cheers! Design work will soon be posted. Stay tuned!