Hi!  I know, I know, I know, I’ve not  been blogging at all this past year, and even longer. I’ve had a lot of changes happen in my life personally (good ones), but honestly I’ve spent more time on instagram than blogging. Instagram has been my source of journaling my life as a shoe designer. I do miss blogging, and have been thinking I’d like to ignite my digital diary again.

One of the reasons why I stopped blogging is because I felt the material to be redundant. I found many fashion bloggers to do some type of runway trend analysis , or a top 5 shoe trends of the season. I wasn’t feeling it. I thought to myself, “ Do we really need another blog out there that has similar content as everybody else? ” I was sharing my exploration, and I still love doing that but I felt a disconnection with my blogging content. I realized I’d like connect with my readers more.

Some things that inspire me about other blogs are their voice, authenticity of their life that maybe is not just related to their work, and discovering new ideas, products, etc.

I decided to put what I personally love into my blog going forward. Giving you an inside view of the trials and tribulations of a designer, an artist, creative, a woman in the footwear, and fashion business, other topics that I’m intrigued by, and what inspires me. There is a lot more to me than just shoes!

I’m real excited about sharing a different point of view in the day of the life of a shoe designer, and I hope you stay tuned!