This past week, I went to New York City for business. Whenever I travel to NY, I try to add in a few days of competitive market research, see my favorite stores, new stores, a Broadway show, and of course museums. This trip was an overdose of shoe shows, and art!

A little cliché for a shoe designer, but I saw the Broadway musical Kinky Boots. I watched the movie, a long time ago, and thought it was very cute. I read Cyndi Lauper scored the show, and that the costumes and shoes were amazing, so I figured why not? We were not allowed to take any photos during the show. I found these two images on the internet to give you an idea of what I saw.



The show started off slow, but soon enough the singing, dancing, costumes, and of course SHOES brought inspiration and sparkle to my eyes!  I highly recommend seeing this in LA or NY.

While out to lunch with a friend in NYC, she told me about an exhibit going on at the Brooklyn Museum called Killer Heels. I trust her eye and opinion, and headed to Brooklyn over the weekend. I was more than pleasantly surprised!

The Killer Heel exhibit consisted of two large rooms filled with current haute couture designs, historical shoes, and crazy shoes that are questionable but fun! Additionally, the museum commissioned several artists to create videos and art for this installation. If you’re in Brooklyn, I would definitely check this out, and if you’re not, well, here are some photos I took.


Wearable? Probably not, but fun to look at!


A great pair of shoes to wear on a date when you want to break up with the guy. Or maybe he won’t say anything, and just run!


The black big bird shoe…I kind of like these though.


This inspires me.  I love the architectural lines.


United Nude and some other designer that I cannot remember.I really love this white shoe.  So lovely, and I wish I could remember if this is a 3-D shoe. There were so many shoes!!


Viktor & Rolf beauties.


Roger Vivier slippers. Very regal…


I really like the upper, and the mixture of this architectural wedge, hardware, and the natural beaded upper. It’s an interesting combination that actually works well considering there different worlds.

Here is a video shown at the exhibit by Marilyn Minter called Smash. I found this on I’m glad I found this article because it gives a synopsis of the artists inspiration.



Photo Source: Kinky boot images from Google, all shoe pics taken by me, and video from here.