Last week I was feeling like I needed some new inspiration. The stacks of magazines, materials, existing books, and library of tear outs were not cutting it for me. I headed over to Bookmarc on Melrose for a little spending splurge. I can seriously be there for hours looking at books from fashion to interiors, product design, and good old rock ‘n’ roll. One of the books I purchased is called Objectivity. This book is a collection of mysterious objects from simple everyday articles to an apple roaster {I didn’t even know one existed} to an African flywhisk {quite beautiful I might add}. I really enjoyed learning about objects I never knew about.  I was now inspired and full of ideas.

Here are a few items from the book that I thought you might find interesting. Stand by tomorrow for a sketch I worked on recently inspired by an object from the book.


When designing for children's shoe brands, we are always on the hunt for new flower ideas. I liked the shape and idea of this object. Most importantly, I liked the center screw and how it fanned out. Definitely some flower possibilities here!













These three island shields from the Phillipines, Central Africa, and New Guinea are so intricate. Love the rope detailing and basket weaving.
I’m always in search of outsole ideas. There is lots here to work with… interesting shapes and lines.
























The handle on this saw is beautiful. A cute buckle possibly??