Over_1 Over_2 Over-3 Over_5

First it started with necklace stacking, then it moved onto bracelets, with the Man Repeller tagging it, “arm party. ” From there, it moved onto prints with some serious memory overload print mixing. Now, it’s reached an all new level with over stacking, over printing, over  detailing, over mixing, over styling, and over everything.  It’s called let’s pack it on! The more the merrier, right?

Is it about expressing oneself? Is it about creating your own signature style? Or maybe, it’s,” Shit, I spent my savings on these shoes, jackets, and necklace, and I need to just stack it on and wear it before the season ends??” Whatever it is, I’m a fan. I’ve attempted this look, and although, I am not 100% comfortable with it, I will have to say, it’s kind of cool to just express yourself and say f**k it!

What do you think? Are  you feeling this trend? You can see more pics of this trend on my pinterest here.

Image source: Le21eme