Over the last 15 years, my medium consisted of marker and color pencils. Ten years ago, I took a watercolor class, and fell in love. However, I just remained curious. Over the last year, my desire to paint grew. I started to take online classes from Skillshare. My favorite class is by Katie Rodgers from Paper Fashion. Her art is so beautiful, and am quite inspired by her.

My love for watercolor has grown and it’s been my way of relaxing, and expanding my illustration, and painting skills.  I decided this year, I wanted to do a watercolor illustration for my annual holiday card. I explored many options, as I’m still figuring out my style. One of my goals for 2015, is to make painting a priority, and to tap into art in addition to my shoe and accessory designing. I’ll definitely be sharing my watercolor and illustrations here. Thanks for stopping by!