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A few weeks ago, I was doing some competitive shoe market research at a local LA mall, and happened to see a Crocs store. I remember thinking to myself, “They’re still around? Who’s buying Crocs?” 

Fast forward two weeks later, fashion week approaches us in NYC. I obsessively refresh to every few hours, and find myself confused by what I see from Christopher Kane.  I had to double take, and ask myself, “WTF, those shoes!” “Why are these beautifully well dressed models wearing crocs?!”  I’m all about creative expression, and thinking out of the box, but this is questionable. I thought maybe his samples got lost, and it was a last minute design idea, but no….it’s a real collaboration.

I can’t say that the collaboration makes me want to go out, and buy a pair of designer Crocs. Perhaps it will spark other creative, and luxury endeavors for Crocs. 

I can tell you one thing, I will not be buying any crocs next Spring. Even if Celine did a collaboration…unless that toe shape is pretty much entirely changed…I’m not feeling the duck feet look. 

Thoughts on the Crocs and Kane collab?

Are you in?

Image from Vogue.