Wow, what a long time it has been since I’ve blogged. This year has been insanely busy with some very cool projects, but I’ve also chosen Instagram as my main source of social media. I do miss blogging and giving a more descriptive view of my projects, and process. I’m really going to try my hardest to not let it drop off the rest of the year. I am under the gun with deadlines, and am leaving for China in the next few weeks. No complaints here though (ok, well maybe I don’t loooovvvee going to China) but other than that, I love my job, and am very excited to be working on some amazing projects.

One of the clients I’ve been working with this year is Bebe. I’m in charge of design and development for their stores globally both on a retail and outlet level. It’s really fun to design shoes for not just the domestic market, but International. I love learning of other countries product preferences.

I was in Boston a few weeks ago, and was very happy to see at the airport one of my shoe designs for Bebe in this month’s Marie Claire.

Looking forward to adding more press releases in the next year. Always a wonderful feeling to see your work in the press.