This past week the Met Gala took place and the theme was Punk: Chaos to Couture. I was so inspired by the theme, the images I saw online of the exhibit, and what all of the Hollywood A list stars were wearing that I started to sketch some ideas. I also happened to have a book I purchased last year at Bookmarc in West Hollywood, called Made in the U.K.| The Music of Attitude 1977-1983. Guess last year I was also inspired by Punks, Ska’s, and Mod’s.

My favorite Met Gala look was by Sarah Jessica Parker. I loved her mohawk headpiece, the dress, and the tartan plaid boots. She looked amazing! Her tartan plaid boots inspired me to draw a plaid upper. However, I remembered as a kid in the 80’s, I had this cool yellow and black plaid shirt, that I was inspired to use that color combination instead of the tartan. I also loved the pom pom head pieces on the mannequins, and thought it would be fun to mix that in with the plaid, and of course some pyramid studs for an edgy look. Growing up as a kid, I always saw the Punks at my school wearing Doc Martens or some type of military boot, so  I was inspired to create my own version that had a modern touch and loads of hardware as you would see on the punks jackets.   Here are some sketches, renderings, and a mood board showing my process… Who was your favorite look at the Met Gala?

Image Source: The Cut, Book is Made in the U.K, all drawings and renderings by me.