After the beautiful tribute to Judy Garland at last nights Oscar’s, it only seems appropriate for us to click our shoes together, return to the fashion shows in Paris, and see what hot trends will be coming forth this fall.

We were pleasantly surprised (okay, maybe obsessed) to see our favorite designers cater to our red shoe fever. This fall expect to see lots of ruby shades from patent leather, reptile and exotic leathers, suede, and even rubber.

Time to keep your LBS, aka, ‘Little Black Shoes,’ at home and be ready to gallivant in your new rouge foot decoration.

Can’t find the perfect red? Well, here are some of my favorite boots shown in different rouge hues.

Top row: (left to right) Balenciaga, Versace, Missoni
Bottom row: Kenzo, Maison Martin Margiela and Mary Katranzou all from