One of my hobbies is going to flea markets or vintage shopping. I try to go at least once a week if time permits. I have a few shops in the L.A. area that I frequent. This month I had a hankering to go to the Rose Bowl flea market. I was feeling a bit stale from what’s currently happening on the retail level and online.

I wanted to share, with you, some things I saw. I was very inspired by people shopping, furniture, clothing, accessories. I can’t wait to go again. Check out below…there is even a sketch!

 These bags are spectacular! I love the use of old mail man bags, vintage textiles, and leathers. Definitely on the masculine side, but I would love to carry a US post office medicine bag. Did you see that leather? WOW!

These bracelets are so cool! Can you believe they are bent cutlery?  These were once spoons, forks, and knives! I couldn’t help myself and bought one!

 This fur jacket is amazing! It’s hot as hell right now, but girls all over were trying on coats. I guess prepping for their Fall wardrobe?? I love the leather patchwork underneath the fur. I immediately thought this treatment would look nice on a boot. I had to sketch it out and am happy with the result. I love the idea of the vamp overlay piece being asymmetrical, perhaps  the medial side has a different angle!

 A little Dries Van Noten. Gorgeous sandal! So many lovely details!

 This little flower overlay on the tie of this dress was such a nice detail. I like this idea for a kids shoe. Maybe a flower patch on a shoe lace?

 This mid-century herringbone loveseat is to die for. A nice little piece for an office. A great inspiration pic for a project I am working on too!

 I saw a few jackets that had lace or eyelet textiles as linings . It’s a fresh take on the usual printed textile inside jackets.

 Boho chic was definitely a strong trend both street style, and amongst flea market vendors. Guatemalan inspired clothing, bags, home accessories were seen throughout the flea market.