Last weekend, I stopped by Barney’s NY to see their selection of shoes . As I walked thru the floor, I asked myself which shoes would I buy right now? Of course, as a designer, I appreciate the brands that design shoes of high quality with unique design details.  However, I’m getting a little tired of expensive shoes sitting in my closet because I don’t wear them as often.

My realization, buy basics with a twist that are of high quality.

Basics seem to be very difficult to find. A lot of commercial brands create basics, but their is always something off. The most common…an over designed basic (yeah, that is possible), the last is wrong, exaggerated toe springs, looks inexpensive, and design details that don’t make basics unique.

One brand, I believe, that has done a fantastic job at creating homerun staples is Saint Laurent. Hedi Slimane has captured the world of simple designs that are covetable.  Yes, they are severely overpriced, but perhaps justifiable. I’ve heard some shoe people say they are overrated. However, when I’m walking thru that shoe floor at Barneys, I ‘m thinking I want this and this and this. Or maybe that’s me…convincing myself I need that all over studded kitten heel bootie. I know I would wear that bootie like crazy though, and the price to wear ratio would make it worth it…(ok, maybe convincing myself again…lol!)

What do you think? Are Saint Laurent prices justifiable? Would you rather find a cheaper version? Or if you had the money, would you splurge on a nice quality shoe? Any other brands you like that make basics with a twist?

Image Source: Net-a-porter, Saint Laurent, Barneys