This year I have been doing a lot more domestic travel than international. So far I have tackled all coasts several times. I normally feel more inspired by international cities but this year I told myself to keep an open mind and let inspiration come to you in any place, time, or form. I have to say, it has definitely helped me appreciate my surroundings and to take in everything.

A few weeks back I went to San Francisco for some meetings. On the way there, we made a stop  in Oakland and Berkley. Northern California is truly amazing. The weather is fantastic, you get a mix of city  with nature and suburbia. There are a lot of eclectic places to eat in the bay area ( yes, I tried Chez Panisse and the food was fantastic!!!) and cute boutiques ( I loved the shoe store Gimme Shoes ,, in Hayes Valley- great neighborhood with nice boutiques)

Here are some photos of my trip ranging from a historical  building with beautiful details to store front pics.

View of San Francisco - breathtaking!!

Beautiful interiors at Saks Fifth Avenue in SF. It reminded me of Galeries LaFayette in Paris.

I love capturing these images. They are great inspiration for outsoles. I enjoy the architecture details and think how I can implement some of these ideas onto a shoe or accessory design

I saw these at Gimme Shoe store on Filmore Street. They are by a designer named Martha Davis. I was sad they did not fit me well. I am still looking for a summer wedge, I can't seem to find one just yet!!

Paul Smith is brilliant. His hidden particulars are so fun to catch! I was leaving the store when I noticed this suit romper for women's. Love it!

More fun details from Paul Smith. Lining in a men's sport coat.

Hidden bling in a leather glove! Wow! But a glove selling in June??

Bohemian/Hippy looks seemed to be a stand out trend in Berkley.

Love the wide legged pants and wild hair! Casual chic in Berkley with bright pops!

Bright colors with tye dye like print. Bright shoes too! Bold colors were definitely a stand out on all the window displays but the weather was so cold, it was hard to think summer!

Can't forget the shoes. Nice display but I love the last and design, I wish I could have walked out with them!