This past fall, there was an array of glitter, sequins, and sparkle from apparel, footwear, to ipad and iphone cases in the marketplace.  Cities were shimmering everywhere! Spring and summer are approaching and I don’t see this trend ending any time soon.

In fact, I’ve been observing the glitz & glam evolve in a new direction. No longer are materials limited to sequin overlays, glitter packed textiles, or metallic leathers. Shiny textiles are moving in strong. Collection themes are unveiling to new highs with romantic sport looks and basics with lustrous twists.

In reviewing recent arrivals of updated materials books from a few suppliers, I came across some lovely textiles by Spinner that could serve as alternatives to metallic leathers or glitter/sequin textiles. The possibilities are endless…a metallic fiber paneled with leathers, open weave meshes backed with iridescent textiles, canvas with glitter details . . . . It’s an open field to explore, play, and push the envelope.

I hope you find these textiles as fun and playful as I did.

Happy Detailing!

Image Source 1.) All materials from Spinner Taiwan. 2.) Metallic sneakers by Pierre Hardy. 3.) Image from Jill Stuart from Fashion Gone Rogue  4.) Sneakers from Converse 5.) Sneakers from Lanvin 6.) Image from Alexander Wang from 7.) Bag from Valextra via Harpers Bazzar. 8.) Image via Armin Morbach