Over the last few years, I’ve seen a lot of shoe brands come to the horizon. I really love seeing these independent companies grow, and evolve as the years go by. It’s very inspiring to see them take risks, and share their own vision.

One of my current favorites; The Palatines.

First let me mention they are handmade in L.A. With most brands making their shoes in Europe, or China, it feels special to have a shoe made in the US. Second, this brand is female owned. I met Jessica, who’s the designer, and she’s a lovely person, with a lot of passion, and knowledge of footwear, and building shoes. Third, cool designs made with rich, beautiful leathers. Her lasts are unique, and being a shoe designer myself, toe shapes and heel designs are what peek my interest when buying shoes.

Prices are mid-range between $250 to $500. Love that they don’t cost the same as a mortgage payment or even 1/2 of your rent.

A few weeks ago Jessica had a pop up shop at Desireeklein in Hollywood, which I made sure to attend. After following her Instagram, I had my eyes set on a few styles. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on a pair of her Texo sandals. I love the toe shape, the design, and the leathers feel so soft, and rich on your foot. I have narrow feet, and I love that I can adjust the straps.

You can see more on her designs here and here. I’m looking forward to having these on repeat all summer!

I have a few other cool independent brands I’m watching. Stay tuned to see some of my other favorites.


Photo by me.