It’s very important to me, as a designer, to update my portfolio as often as possible. Whether it be on the website, my portfolio that I carry around when I meet people, or a lookbook I use as a marketing piece, I update them several times a year. My style is constantly changing, my work is stronger, and my process is evolving. I love seeing it change, and it’s important for me to show the growth. Most importantly, people want to see your newest works.

I recently completed an explorative portfolio. It was a 2 month process, but phew, I finished it!  It’s only a 5×7 book, but it’s so stylish, modern, and cute. It shows a plethora of footwear sketches, moodboards, and colorboards. . Here is sneak peek of my book. I will probably post the different works over the next few months in my new website ( hopefully coming next week), my blog ( which will soon be up…yay!), and my instagram which you can now find me at la_shoegirl. I will soon have a facebook page for my company, LA Shoegirl. I will keep you posted on that.

I would love to hear your thoughts… Ciaoiiiiii!