Sometimes I look to vintage shoes for inspiration. There are so many details that you can find and make your own inspired version. I love the cutouts on these vintage shoes, and after playing with a few shapes, I came up with one that has a wider rectangular shape to fit the project. Here, I took my own version of these cutouts and placed it on chunky wood heel sandals concepts.


Originally, I wanted the lace to go thru the rectangle shapes, but then I would have to add a zipper to the back. I am going thru a phase of anti-zippers on sandal boots. So, I opted to add the holes for laces instead.



I saw these uniquely designed studs on a vintage bag, and cannot find the image to show you as a reference. I love hardware on sandals, and liked the idea of adding some hardware to a more sandalized version of this design.


I’m a big fan of ankle booties, and doing an ankle version of this was a no brainer. Ankle booties are so versatile. You can even wear this design in the fall with socks.

Image Source: Stylesight|Etsy| Sketches by me