A sketchbook is not a just a book of blank pages. It’s a personal diary of your creative journey. A book of expressions, frustrations, and passions. It’s here where ideas get explored, developed, and possibly become actual products in the market place.

I love the feeling of filling up my sketchbook.  It does not happen often because publishers don’t really know the needs of a shoe designer.  Recently, I discovered Fashionary sketchbooks for shoe designers, and I’ve been in heaven. It’s been very easy to fill this book up with shoe doodles.

Fashionary has created a sketchbook which comes in thumbnail format. A template is already laid out for you in several heel heights, and all you have to do is connect the dots to a basic shoe form.  This feature allows you to focus on the design. With deadlines, and various projects, its great to be able to draw something quickly, and have it look proportional.


Other reasons why I like this sketchbook:

  1. The paper is smooth to draw on.
  2. Pencil erases easily.
  3. Easy to take notes, and keep track of drawing dates.
  4. A great way to draw mini collections.  I enjoy seeing my process, and ideas worked out.



5. Contains a shoe library of different constructions, a shoe glossary of footwear terminology, an international shoe size chart, and a spec sheet template.




Overall, I really like the Fashionary sketch book for shoe designers. It’s not only great for working designers, but also nice for those aspiring to get into  footwear design. They even have a shoe design book that has more expansive templates, and additional shoe design and trade information. You can find it here. I’m definitely going to buy this book, and look forward to using its more expansive templates.


All drawings and photos by me.