As a shoe designer, it’s not just about creating designs,  but also creating sex appeal and beauty.

Women want to feel sexy in their shoes. Of course, sexy does not apply just to wearing sky, high heels anymore. Women, today, want to feel sexy in any shoe they wear. A few ways to achieve sexiness thru shoes is toe cleavage, nice lasts that don’t make women’s feet look huge or bulky, beautiful leathers, materials, and details, and accentuating the ankle.

While putting these concepts together for a client, this was definitely top of mind.

 My inspiration: lace with 3 dimensional oversized beading, large eyelets, satin bows, men’s inspired footwear, tuxedo styling, pony hair, gold hardware, and mixing feminine and masculine…

 Here is my process…


Here are a few sketches showing my ideation of having straps around the ankle that are not overbearing but minimal that accentuate the ankle.


Before I settled on an idea, I put the design on an illustration to get get the feel of the shoe. I originally wanted to do this in a lace, but also liked the idea of seeing this in pony hair with satin, and leathers.


Here is my final drawing rendered.