Being an entrepreneur, I am always thinking of new ways to build my business or even create a new business for that matter. I have worked in fashion since I was 16 years old and so I feel most passionate about businesses in fashion and primarily in the shoe business. Also, what girl would not dream of having a job working in shoes?

A few months ago, my client mentioned that Kim Kardashian was looking at some of their designs for a business venture she was working on. I was excited because several of my designs were being picked up but I had no idea why. Well, recently I found out why, it’s called Shoe Dazzle.

Shoe Dazzle is an online shoe club or as they call themselves a “Premier Shoe Society”. In my opinion, the concept is brilliant. The way it works is you take a fashion survey, which I happened to take, and it asks about your personal style, which designers you like, etc. ¬†After submitting your profile, Shoe Dazzles’ crew of stylists give you 5 shoes to choose from in which you choose one. If you don’t like any they selected, then you can skip a month. The cost… $39 a month. It’s a brilliant idea. Ugh, why didn’t I think of that? Wine clubs do great! Why not a shoe club? Anyway, I am happy that several of my designs are part of the club and am looking forward to more designs being adopted by Shoe Dazzle.

Here is one of my designs that you can find at

Shoe at