I recently found this website called Y trends.  They are a trend forecasting company based in the Netherlands that specializes in product design and footwear. I looked at their website and was quite impressed with their trend services and how they deliver their services. I would check them out at  www.ytrends.com.

Y trends has a very interesting product that I thought as a shoe designer could be quite helpful and playful. Isn’t that what designing is about…having fun 🙂  Shoemix is a game that promotes creative brainstorming. I am enclosing the you tube video for you to check out. At first, I was a bit skeptical but as I kept watching the video, and as it pertained to me as a working designer, I found it to be clever and kind of fun. It’s true, their are times as a designer where you are stuck. Even taking a walk or a break is not enough on those days that creativity almost seems impossible.  This could be a fun  game to get those creative juices going! I think I just might have to order it!!!