The comfort trend has kicked in high gear in the fashion world. Women, chasing me down, and asking for comfortable shoes that are fashionable seemed to reach its minimum.  We now have a plethora of choices…

Four years ago, Céline designed the fur slide sandal, and since then the comfort trend has evolved, and grown. The past few months we’ve seen slides rear its head again, and now come Fall, slides all over the place. Having said that, you can now be even more comfortable. Home comforts are now offered for your everyday life. Yup, the slipper trend has reached us.

I’ve seen this trend before, but designers have definitely modernized the slipper, and I’m liking it! I guess if I was working in a law firm, it may not be appropriate, but I’m lucky enough to work in fashion, and so anything goes. Here are a few of my fav’s. What do you think are you down for the slipper trend?


Gucci started this trend last year, has taken the most literal approach.  They’ve expanded the materials, and color offerings, and you can see in social media every influencer has this covered. Honestly, I love it. Especially paired with a dress shown here, I would go to a design meeting like this in a heart beat, and feel like a queen!


I love the design elements offered by No.21. The high tongue, and knot is a cool combination.


Miu Miu is one of my favorite brands, and these embellished slippers are to die for. It’s not so literal, and the mix of patent and velvet (oh and that buckle) is so lovely.


I haven’t seen these beauties by Sanayi 313 in person, but what girl doesn’t like a pom pom?  This chic dress, and pom pom slippers are styled well together!